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 Further samplePhysics and Astrophysics MSci degree problems


Please note: this is NOT an official course Website.  The Lecture Notes and other course related material is for reference purposes only.


 Planetary Systems cont. (QMUL):


 Extra notes on surface temperatures and atmosphere escape (Sheffield University):

 Planetary Systems - Courseworks


 1B Mathemathical Methods I (Cambridge):

 ( These notes substantially cover much of the UCL module 1B71 Mathematical Methods I ).


 1B45 (1B71) Mathematical Methods I - extra problems (UCL):


 Condensed Matter II - slides cont. (QMUL):



 MT3 Mathematical Techniques III - cont.  (QMUL):

 MT3 Exercises

 MT3 Homeworks


 Complex Variables - short revision notes (Caltech):


 Physical Constants and Mathematical Formulae sheet (Sheffield University):

 EPP Particle Properties summary (QMUL):

 Note: Possible newly discovered mass of the Higgs Boson may be in the region of about 126 GeV - see the CERN Higgs Boson announcement of 4 July 2012, but the discovery currently awaits further research and confirmation.

 STP Statistical Physics constants (QMUL):


 Extra Cosmology lecture notes (UCLA):



 MT1 Mathematical Techniques I - cont. (QMUL):


 MT1 Solutions


 Physical and Astronomical Constants and Formulae (Cambridge University):

 Mass of Jupiter = 1.8987 x 10^27 kg

 Circumference of Jupiter = 449,197 km ~ 4.492 x 10^5 km


 QMW Physics and Astronomy 2012




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